After opening our first shop in Eminönü/Turkey in 2004 as Kahve Dünyası, by virtue of our customer oriented approach, welcoming with a smile as our reflection of Turkish hospitality, tableside service and culture of catering we quickly became a highly recommended brand by word of mouth.

By showing a very rapid growing trend since the day we were established we now provide services in many of Turkey’s provinces. We conduct all of our own businesses and do not have vendors. We collect our form of sales under the three categories of shops, corners and metro kiosks. As of October 2015 we now provide services at 130 sale locations.

We opened our first tore abroad in London’s Picadilly Circus in November of 2011. Since the day of its opening our shop has received great interest both from British nationals and tourists visiting London.

As Kahve Dünyası we serve all of the coffee, chocolate, ice cream and pastry products available in our stores fresh with our “producer to consumer” approach and have created a unique coffee shop concept in Turkey. We do not serve anything that isn’t our production in our stores.

With our menu rich with delicious products we aim to spread Turkish coffee and pioneer the enjoyment of this traditional flavor all over the world. Taking our inspiration from the hospitality of the Turkish culture we place importance on creating a distinction with our service approach and enabling our customers gain brand new flavor experiences.
Since the first day of its establishment Kahve Dünyası has been a brand of sincere catering with a smile. Today our customers enjoy a wide variety of products that appeal to their own special taste and preferences. We produce our own products and make sure they are good quality and good flavor. Whether it’s coffee, pastries or ice cream, we have over one thousand different varieties and have become what ‘Everyone Has In Common’ with our affordable prices.