Chocolate Factory

The delicious chocolates of Kahve Dünyası are made daily in the in-shop production workshops and the powerful facilities of the Kahve Dünyası group companies Altınmarka and Detay Gıda.

Altınmarka, a group company of Kahve Dünyası, was founded in Istanbul in 1992 and began producing industrial chocolate in 2005.

Expert chocolate production is accomplished here on production lines equipped with some of the world’s most modern technology. With an annual capacity of 280,000 tons, Altınmarka is the world’s second largest industrial chocolate producer.

Natural and alkalized cocoa powders, oils and liquor are produced in our Altınmarka factory and transported to our Detay Gıda factory.

Detay Gıda, the other group company of Kahve Dünyası with high production capacity and flexible production resources, was founded in 2008. Detay Gıda produces in Esenyurt, Çorlu and Çatalca for a total of three factories.

The production facilities of Detay Gıda are comprised of fully automatic and computer controlled systems. The special production with new generation chocolate production technology aimed at meeting customer demands has gained a boutique approach to Detay Gıda in chocolate production.

At Kahve Dünyası we combine the products of Altınmarka and Detay Gıda produced at the highest level of quality with our handmade products produced in the shops daily and the rich menu we have created with our completely natural chocolates to be presented for the enjoyment of our valued customers.