The smile reflected on the faces of our customers in response to the sincere service we provide with value, quality and enjoyment and the career opportunities we offer to our employees make Kahve Dünyası a place ‘Everyone Has In Common’ for both our customers and our employees.

Our View on People

Human Resources are our most important asset and our service approach is the main philosophy of our employees. The Kahve Dünyası employees are each a value on their own with their service approach and constantly strive to improve themselves in preparation for presenting our quality products. Our nearly 1500 employees who come into contact with our guests in pleasant and fun atmosphere are proud to be one big family.

Career Management

Another significant part of our company culture is to cultivate our own administrative staff from within. Our employees, who are constantly increasing their knowledge and experience through the training and motivational work we offer for improvement and development, are able to feel the privilege of rising to the administrative ranks of Kahve Dünyası. The process of promotion varies from on the job training to in class and applied training.

During these training session we call ‘Masters of the world’, the ‘Kahve Dünyası Masters’ who have achieved expertise in their work, pass their experiences on to talented employees as candidates for higher positions. At the conclusion of the training process, which is monitored closely by Human Resources, employees gain the level of knowledge they need to command central and store operations and complete their promotion process.