Bakery and Ice Cream Factory

Our factory in Istanbul Turkey, which is the production facility of the Kahve Dünyası ice cream and pastry products, started operating in 2011. Established on an area of 3000 m2, our factory has been designed for three main fields of production. There are ice cream production, pastry production and bakery sections. Over 50 varieties of pastries are produced in our bakery.

Our factory, established with a mission for freshness and high quality, has been designed according to daily production and delivery order. Our pastry products and breads are prepared as uncooked-frozen and half cooked-frozen products. A natural recipe and reliable process is used different from industrial ice cream and bread production.

Ice Cream Production The Kahve Dünyası ice cream consisting of 11 different flavors is produced in a completely homemade style far from mass production. This brings all the flavor elements that make ice cream to the forefront. Procured raw materials are used immediately in production without waiting. The ice cream we produce is delivered directly to stores and served very soon after production.

Pastries Production

Kahve Dünyası cakes owe their delicious flavor to their completely homemade style of production. Just like the flavors from mom’s kitchen, every slice and every piece of our products has special effort and care hidden inside.

The Bakery Section There is a production line purchased from Austria in the production area where our crusty sandwich breads, croissants and other product are baked. The bakery section is fully equipped with special ovens, mixers, rolling machines and shapers.

Quality Control All of the product we produce and the ingredients we use are regularly subjected to tests in our own laboratories. As a result of the daily tests our quality assurance department conducts meticulous inspections.