Coffee Factory

To make sure you can enjoy your cup of coffee in confidence we handle everything from production to packaging and storage to transport in our 6000 m2 indoor facility according to ISO 9001, TÜV and HACCP standards.

It is important to us that the coffee you drink is as safe as it is delicious. As Kahve Dünyası we do not use any material that is not our own production. In our latest technology facilities we process the highest quality ingredients in the most hygienic way, checking each step numerous times.

We pick the best coffee beans with expert hands. In order to bring you the best coffee we work with the world’s top coffee producers. We carefully select regional coffee beans with unique aroma and characteristics from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Kenya.

We know how important roasting is for the ideal flavor. We roast the coffee beans that have been collected, inspected and blended, with the latest technology according to their purpose and flavor goal. After roasting we apply shock freezing and store them in special silos to maintain the aroma.

Grinding is as important as roasting to us. We grind our coffees under the control of our laboratory and grinding experts with the greatest sensitivity and care. We use the most suitable grinding techniques for Turkish coffee, espresso and filtered coffee.

We never stop searching for the perfect flavor. We work hard to find the coffee flavor that suits you the best. We put our coffees through special tasting tests at every stage of production to constantly check its quality.

The freshness and aroma of our coffee are always under our protection. We package our coffees in different sizes according to the needs of coffee lovers. In fact we maintain the freshness and aroma of our coffees by reducing the oxygen amount in all of our packages that provide different alternatives. We even produce “private labels” for other brands.