Kahve Dünyası cakes owe their delicious flavor to the fact that they are produced in a homemade style. Just like the flavors of mom’s kitchen, every slice and piece has effort and care hidden in it.

We use the most select ingredients plentifully in our products. Our products contain real butter. We use butter, real chocolate, a variety of grains, the best quality flour, dairy cream, fresh fruits and vegetables and the best quality cheeses to transform amazing recipe into outstanding flavors.

Fresh daily products from the bakery

All of our bread, croissants and other products are baked fresh daily in the special ovens in our shops.

The inviting smell of our fresh baked bread circulates in our shops daily while our sandwiches are made fresh to order. Our sandwiches are an irresistible treat with a rich array of fillings and fresh sandwich bread.

Delicious homemade flavors

We only use real chocolate in all of our chocolate products. Our cheesecakes are prepared with real cheesecake cheese and fresh fruit sauces, our cakes are prepared with whole grains, fresh fruit and a wealth of other ingredients.

Many recipes are prepared with the masterful flavors of Kahve Dünyası which are impossible to taste anywhere else.

Our special Kahve Dünyası flavors are the best indication of our expertise in cake making.