Real joy from real chocolate... All for you at Kahve Dünyası.
In Kahve Dünyası chocolates there is a delicious journey that starts with the cocoa beans and concludes with the greatest enjoyment.


First class cocoa beans selected from the best origins in the world are processed with care by our chocolate loving experts. 100% real chocolate flavor is provided to all chocolate lovers this way.

The main element in cocoa and chocolate is the main raw ingredient, which is cocoa bean. Spanish explorers who discovered Central America in the 16th century also discovered a mysterious drink that the local Mayans and Aztecs prepared to present to their gods by mixing water and cocoa, the oldest known formula of chocolate.


"Chocolate" a beverage they described as a “drink of the gods” into which pepper and spices were added to achieve a spicy, sour taste was later combined with milk and sugar towards the middle of the 19th century to transform into the real passion that everyone knows today.

The story of chocolate passion and the joy that comes from real chocolate starts with a single cocoa bean at Kahve Dünyası. We put the classic robust chocolate flavor of world famous cocoa beans selected from Ghana and the Ivory Coast in our products to achieve a classic and robust flavor in our products.

At our leading Altınmarka and DETAY GIDA factories the chocolate that passes through the hands of our chocolate lover experts, transforms into that unique flavor that melts in your mouth.

You can count on every product with the Kahve Dünyası brand on it being natural, additive-free chocolate made with first class cocoa beans. Because only chocolate produced with chocolate passion and the best quality cocoa beans provides real chocolate bliss.